Our EYFS pupils follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum as updated in 2012 and our Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils are taught based upon the 2014 National Curriculum. 

All pupils are provided with a curriculum appropriate to their needs and potential. Priority is given to develop the skills of literacy and numeracy within the disciplines of English and Mathematics, with constant review of practice in light of changing national demands. Science is taught using a 'hands on' approach and computer studies are well established as a separate discipline with access across all subjects, to Multi-Media networked P.C's, laptops and projectors. The National Curriculum forms the basis of the courses followed in most subjects with pupils taking the end of key stage tests at 7 and 11 years with scripts being moderated by St. Helens Local Authority at Key Stage I, and externally marked at Key Stage II.

Other subjects taught are: Geography, History, Art, Music, Religious Education, P.S.H.E., Design Technology, *French and Physical Education

Early in the Junior Department the ground work begins for a smooth transition to secondary education. Children are prepared for entry to the local grammar and independent schools and their progress is closely monitored with regular contact being maintained with parents particularly in Years 4, 5 and 6.

*French: Introducing children to a foreign language at an early stage is most beneficial and as the school has a strong French connection this language is taught to all levels from Pre-School up.