Meet the Team

Prenton Prep is proud of its caring, well-qualified staff who are committed to good working habits and self-motivation within the children. All are made aware of the School Rules, which have been compiled so that the life of the school runs smoothly and pleasantly.
Form Teachers monitor the progress and well-being of each pupil and the pastoral care of the whole school is coordinated by the Headteacher

Mr. M. J. & Mrs. N. M. Aloé

Mr. M. T. R. Jones, BSc Hons, PGCE – Designated Safeguarding Lead, History Co-ordinator

Senior Management Team:
Mrs. A. Hughes, BEd Hons – Year 5 teacher, KS2 leader, Music Co-ordinator
Miss J. Orme, BA Hons, PGCE  – Kindergarten teacher, Foundation Stage leader, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Teaching Staff:

Mr P Huskisson, BSc Hons, PGCE– Year 6 teacher, Science Co-ordinator
Dr. A. Pemberton, MA, Ph.D, PGCE – Year 4 teacher, SEN(D) Co-ordinator, Geography Co-ordinator
Mrs. C.Taylor, BSc, PGCE  – Year 3 teacher, PE Co-ordinator, Art Co-ordinator
Mrs. A. Beecroft, BEd Hons – Year 2 teacher, English Co-ordinator
Mrs. H. Dutton, Cert Ed – Year 1 teacher, Mathematics Co-ordinator
Mrs J. Merrin BA Lower Primary – Pre-School teacher, PSHE & RE Co-ordinator
Mr. H. Paul, Cert Ed – Part time teacher of Science, DT and ICT, ICT & DT Co-ordinator
Mrs. C. Foard, BA Hons, PGCE – Part time French teacher, French Co-ordinator

Mrs. L.Holden- Learning Support/Mentoring (part time)

Mrs. C.Hayes- Learning Support

Mrs. S. Taylor – Classroom Assistant, Early Morning Activities Supervisor
Mrs. E. Clowes – Classroom Assistant
Miss T. Heaney – Classroom Assistant
Miss S. Davies – Classroom Assistant, Early Morning and After School Activities Supervisor
Mrs A. Bailey- Classroom Assistant and After School Activities Supervisor
Administrative / Support Staff:
Mrs. B. Slater – School Secretary
Mr. J. Robinson–  Minibus Driver
Mrs. M. Dodd – Domestic, Playground Supervisor
Mrs. G. Foster– Domestic
Miss. J.Griffiths - Domestic
Peripatetic Staff:
Mrs. D. McDonald – Piano & Keyboard teacher
Miss R. Cottier – Speech & Drama teacher
Mr. O. Ratnaike - Speech & Drama teacher
Miss J. Hunt – Dance teacher
Mr. P. Nolan - Karate Sensei
Mr. C. Hunt - Football Coach

'Tafelmusik' - provide tuition in guitar and violin

Mr. P. Joliffe- Ukulele teacher

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