Prenton Prep Pre-School

My name is Mrs Merrin and I am the class teacher in Pre-school.  The children have a lot of fun in Pre-school whilst learning lots of new skills.  The children are encouraged and shown how to be independent and develop their self-confidence.  They particularly enjoy making new friends, playing in the role play corner and exploring the sand and water tray.

We are lucky to have easy access to the garden area, which they use to investigate, explore and develop their gross motor skills.  The children love using the climbing and balancing equipment in particular.  The garden area has a wide variety of resources which help them to use their imagination and develop their own social skills.

Pre-school enjoy learning through different topics which change every half term.  Some of the favourite topics include Dinosaurs, Under the Sea, Traditional tales and Superheroes.  Different festivals are celebrated throughout the year too.  Each week they concentrate on a different letter sound and the children are encouraged to bring in items from home beginning with that letter.

Each term, Pre-school take trips to a local library and go on walks in local parks in the Autumn and the Spring.  A particular favourite trip is visiting Santa’s Grotto at Christmas time.  Pre-school work closely with KG to perform Christmas and Summer concerts for the parents and whole school.