Prenton Prep Year 1

Hi! My name is Mrs Dutton and I am the teacher in Year One.

We have fun in this class whilst taking steps towards becoming a little more independent. One way we do this is by coming into the classroom by ourselves in the mornings and putting all our belongings, like snacks, hats and homework folders, in the right places. We can earn lots of house points for our teams by doing this!

We work hard in this class too, so that when we move up into the next class we are ready to tackle the challenges of Year Two with confidence. We become more fluent at reading so that we can read with expression and understanding, we learn words each week for a spelling test and we learn different ways to tackle adding up, taking away and many more topics in maths.

In Year One we usually have a trip to a real castle as part of our study of homes and houses through the ages. It is a long journey but it is worth it! We go on “magical mystery tour” around the Wirral peninsula, on a geography field trip, which is the starting point for our classwork about the local area.

Our confidence grows when we perform class assemblies for the school. We enjoy putting on KS1 concerts at Christmas and at the end of the year with our friends in Year Two.  


You will love being in Year One!