Prenton Prep Year 3

I am Mrs Taylor and I really enjoy teaching Year 3 and seeing how quickly the children mature to become more independent learners over the year.

P. E. lessons in the juniors are great fun. The children learn how to play tennis, netball or basketball, badminton and hockey, then in the summer term they learn many athletics events. They also thoroughly enjoy their weekly swimming lessons all year round. We are very proud of our sporting achievements in the juniors and have the chance to take part in swimming and water polo galas; netball and football tournaments and athletics events throughout the year. There are also many after-school sporting clubs for the children to choose from, karate is particularly popular.

School trips are of course great fun. In Year 3, these include a trip to Pizza Express where the children design and make their own pizzas to take home and share with their families. Another great trip is to Gillmoss Recycling Discovery Centre where the children see what happens to our recycling waste from Wirral and learn why we recycle and what should and shouldn’t go into our recycle bins.

Year 3 get the chance to read lots of great book from authors such as Roald Dahl, Dick King Smith, Madhur Jaffrey, Alan Durant and Joanna Troughton. They become more fluent in their reading and really enjoy reading for pleasure.

 Year 3 also have the exciting opportunity to perform the nativity scene at the Junior Christmas Carol Concert at St Saviour’s Church.