Prenton Prep Year 4

I am Dr Pemberton and I thoroughly enjoy teaching Year 4 as well as geography throughout the school. In Year 4 the children work hard and become more independent in their learning. As well as encouraging a love of reading children explore different writing genres and develop grammar knowledge. Books are brought to life through drama activities and visits to local theatres. Maths is challenging but fun and children quickly grow in confidence through practical activities and challenges.

Our first history topic is the Stone Age and Iron Age which culminates in us enjoying an Iron Age Feast. Children immerse themselves in the experience by dressing up as Iron Age tribal members, sharing a feast of berries and sliced meats, listening to Celtic stories, making pots and some even build a model of Stonehenge out of Bourbon biscuits!  

In our next history topic, Year 4 become time explorers delving into the development of Liverpool over time from the 11th century to the present day. As part of this we visit the Old Dock in Liverpool and the Museum of Liverpool. This topic ties in with local geography studies of Cammell Laird and Birkenhead as well as exciting art projects. Children love creating their own ‘Cityscapes’ of Liverpool emulating Ben Johnson’s famous artwork.

 And what do real-life geographers do? We find out on a trip to the Geography Department at the University of Liverpool where we don lab coats and safety glasses and do coastal erosion experiments and then solve exciting puzzles in the map-room.

 Year 4 is fun!