Prenton Prep Year 6

It’s not all school-selection tests, SAT’s and leadership responsibilities in Year 6: far from it! In our English studies, we enjoy lots of drama work, including writing and performing our own play scripts, and staging performance poetry. We also have debates on various topical issues, and deliver presentations on topics of our own choosing. As the icing on the cake, we also have the opportunity to take on the biggest roles in school productions.

In Topic work, we have visited a Bronze Age mine, and taken part in an Iron Age re-enactment lunch and craft session, suitably dressed for the occasion of course! We learn about earthquakes and volcanoes, covering The Science Room in fierce simulated eruptions of lava. For I.T, French and Music, we go to teachers who specialise in these subjects. P.E lessons cover basketball, badminton, hockey, football and athletics skills, and sessions are held at Bidston Tennis Centre, Europa Pools in Birkenhead, and The Oval in Bebington.

In June we head off to Barnstondale Outdoor Pursuits Centre, for a couple of days of kayaking, archery, rifle shooting and more. In this final term we will also have a visit by a children’s author, and attend cycling proficiency, road safety and personal development courses. Finally, we have our Leavers’ Assembly to prepare for. It’s a busy time!

When we leave Prenton Prep in July, we know we will be sad to leave a place that has become so familiar to us, a place where we have learnt so much and invested so much. But we also know that we are moving on to a new and exciting phase in our lives. Year 6 is the stepping-stone between the two.