Prenton Prep Nursery is an exciting, vibrant place to learn. We provide high quality care and education for all our Early Years Foundation Stage children. As children join our nursery, we focus on building secure, positive relationships so that the children feel safe, happy and cared for. If our children are happy, then they achieve more.

Our children have lots of fun learning by exploring and playing in a safe, stimulating environment. We encourage them to be curious, resilient and independent.

Our children are excited to come into school every day and find out what they will be learning about. We recognise that young children learn best by 'doing' and by being active, and this is reflected in all aspects of our teaching. We aim to give our children the best possible start to their education.

Our nursery consists of two rooms and an outdoor learning area. We have a 2-3 year old room and a 3-4 year old room. Our staff work closely together to ensure teaching and learning is fun and progressive across the whole of the Foundation Stage. Our older children get to know the Kindergarten teacher, ready for the transition into Kindergarten. There is a consistent approach across the Foundation Stage which leads to a smooth transition when starting full time school and similar routines being followed.

Our Curriculum - We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The curriculum consists of 7 areas of equal importance:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Our environment has been carefully planned by our Nursery staff. The provision, indoors and outdoors reflects both our children’s interests and carefully planned, teacher led, fun and challenging activities. We provide motivating and enjoyable learning experiences for all our children. This enables them to become confident, enthusiastic, resilient and independent learners.

The children in our nursery have access to practical activities to support their learning. They learn indoors, outdoors and through trips to local parks, farms and zoos. Our outdoor environment develops their gross motor skills – a small climbing wall, large cubes to negotiate, a wooden trail, scooters, bikes and a variety of PE type equipment and fine motor skills for the children to use. Literacy and Maths activities often take place outside too, for example, searching for a Gruffalo, counting 10 leaves and sticks or practising letter formation with chalk on the trees.

The Nursery children are taught Literacy, Maths, phonics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design in their 2-3 year old or 3-4 year old room. They also benefit from specialist teachers for Music and French. Children are then encouraged to consolidate the knowledge and skills they have been taught in the areas of learning around the rooms. A large proportion of children in the nursery move into the main school. Strong links between the nursery and Kindergarten class ensure that the transition is calm and happy. Children in the Nursery have access to the main School facilities, they familiarise themselves with the whole school environment, and are included in whole school events such as Easter Exxtravaganza, World Book Day, Sports Day and a Summer Picnic in the garden.

The nursery rooms contain areas of learning that include –

Reading, Writing and Mark Making, Role-Play and Imaginative Activities, Construction, Small World, Creative and Art Activities, Mqrk-making and Maths. The children are encouraged to use all these areas. Once the children have learnt to access these areas confidently, teachers then enhance these areas and set up new challenges for the children. These challenges may be a particular skills challenge or an adult asking questions to further your child’s development.

We recognise that all children develop at varying rates and we value every child as an individual and work alongside parents and carers to ensure your child is challenged and encouraged in the most appropriate and individualised way. This ensures all children are able to reach their full potential.

Our Nursery classes are located in two dedicated classrooms with access to outdoor space.

  • Lessons are led and planned by qualified teachers.
  • Small class sizes ensure all needs are met individually.
  • We have a sports hall for planned PE lessons. 
  • The classroom supports: mark making, maths, investigation, within the specific areas of Home Corner, Construction, Water and Sand, Loose Parts and a Reading area. The nursery has a dedicated Role Playroom, which promotes curiosity, exploration and problem-solving.