Pastoral Care

The personal health and wellbeing of all our pupils is very important to everyone at Prenton Prep. 

Children are all part of a form, where they share important social and circle time with their peers and their form teacher, as well as teaching time.  All staff are available to pupils to deal with any concerns they may have. Children exercising

The school fosters close co-operation with parents who have an almost daily opportunity for informal contact with staff at the end of the school day. The Headteacher is always pleased to meet parents individually, and the two formal Parents’ Evenings and the informal Autumn ‘At Home’ provide further contact. Annual reports are sent home in July.

Parents are kept informed of all forthcoming school functions by a termly calendar, and the regular Newsletter and Early Years Bulletin report on school life. There is an excellent Parents’ Association who meet regularly and organise fundraising events to enhance the school's facilities. Recently we have been able to purchase a school minibus, computers and interactive whiteboards, as well as being able to set up and equip the outdoor classroom. All parents have automatic membership of the Association.