Staff and Governors

Meet The Team

Prenton Prep is proud of its caring, well-qualified staff who are superb role models for our children. They inspire good working habits and self-motivation within the children, and look to reward these when they see them. All are made aware of the School Rules, which have been compiled so that life at school runs smoothly and pleasantly. Form Teachers monitor the progress and well-being of each pupil, and the pastoral care of the whole school is coordinated by the Headteacher.

The proprietor of Prenton Prep School is:

Prenton Preparatory School Ltd – 4 The Vale, London, England, SW3 6AH
Prenton Preparatory School Ltd is part of the Forfar Education Group and as such the school is governed by Forfar Education Group Governance Board.

The Chairman of Governors is Mr John Forsyth. He can be contacted anytime via [email protected] or by calling 07780816294 

Governor for Safeguarding: Jo Storey [email protected]


  • Mr. M.T.R. Jones, BSc Hons, PGCE


    Designated Safeguarding Lead, IT Co-ordinator

  • Miss J.Orme BA Hons, PGCE

    Kindergarten Teacher, Foundation Stage leader, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Dr. A. Pemberton BA HONS, PGCE, NASCo, PhD

    SEN(D) Co-ordinator

  • Mrs. A. Beecroft, BEd Hons

    Year 2 Teacher, English Co-ordinator, Key Stage 1 Leader

  • Mrs. C . Taylor BSc PGCE

    Year 3 Teacher, PE Co-ordinator, Key Stage 2 Leader

  • Mr. P. Huskisson, BSc PGCE

    Year 6 Teacher, Science Co-ordinator

  • Mrs. E. Rooke, MA, Dip LCM

    Year 5 Teacher, Music Co-ordinator, History Co-ordinator

  • Miss. J. Rostampour, BSc, PGCE

    Year 1 Teacher, Mathematics Co-ordinator

  • Mrs. R. McManus, BEd

    Pre-School Teacher, RE & PSHE Co-ordinator

  • Mrs. K. Price, BSc Hons, PGCE

    Year 4 Teacher, Art & DT Co-ordinator

  • Mrs. J. Lewis, BA Hons, PGCE

    French Teacher (part time), French Co-ordinator

  • Mrs. L. Holden

    Learning Support / Mentor (part-time)

  • Ms. C. Gill, BSc Hons, PGCE

    Science & Geography Teacher, Geography Coordinator

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs. Donaldson

    Teaching Assistants

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs. S. Taylor

    Teaching Assistants

    Teaching Assistant, Early Morning Activities Supervisor (part-time)

  • Miss. E. Jordan

    Teaching Assistants

    Learning Support / Teaching Assistant and After School Activities Supervisor

  • Mrs. S. Kerr

    Teaching Assistants

    Learning Support (part-time)

  • Mrs. C. Hayes

    Teaching Assistants

    Learning Support / Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs. L. Edwards

    Teaching Assistants

    Teaching Assistant and After School Activities Supervisor

  • Mrs. M. Booth

    Teaching Assistants

    Learning Support

  • Mrs. E. Ellis

    Teaching Assistants

    Learning Support (part-time)

  • Mrs. K. Mahon

    Teaching Assistants

    EYFS Teaching Assistant

School Secretary

  • Miss. H. Curry

    School Secretary

Admissions and Marketing Co-ordinator

  • Miss. N. Jones

    Admissions and Marketing Co-ordinator


Mr. M. C. Ousey – Caretaker

Mrs. L. Wilson – Domestic, Playground Supervisor

Miss J. Griffiths – Domestic

Mr. A. Smith – Minibus Driver


Mrs. A. Davies – Piano teacher

Miss R. Cottier – Speech & Drama teacher

Miss R. Brookes – Speech & Drama teacher

Mrs. J. Mann – Dance teacher

Mr. P. Nolan – Karate Sensei

Mr. C. Hunt MBE – Wirral Sports Development Football Coach

Mr. P. Joliffe- Ukulele teacher

Mr. N. Hathiwala- Ukulele & Guitar teacher

Ms. S. Brady – Yogabears teacher