Why a Nursery Education

Why a Nursery Education?

There are many benefits for young children to have a nursery provision as it can help with the development and early education. At Prenton Prep Nursery we believe it helps children in the following ways:

  • Children learn new skills - children will learn a wide range of new skills, from language and physical skills to early understanding of a range of subjects like maths, sciences and technology. We hope parents will notice their child's skills develop during their time at Prenton Prep Nursery.
  • Children's social skills - A Nursery enables your child to learn to socialise with other children and adults, which all aids their successful development. Learning how to listen to other people, solving disagreements and talking about your feelings will be learned at the Nursery. 
  • Making friends - when your child joins Prenton Prep Nursery they are in the perfect location to begin and form friendships with other children. They will be surrounded by children of a similar age, and can make connections with the use of role play and group games. Research has shown that this is the most important thing a child has to learn in order to be happy and develop in their life.
  • Extracurricular activities - At Prenton Prep Nursery we love to offer a wide range of extra activities and experiences for your child to discover.
  • Preparation for school - When your child joins the Prenton Prep family in our Nursery, this is their first step in developing them as they move through to the main school. The Prenton Prep Nursery moves the children through the steps to make them have the skills to be ready for when they start school.